What’s going on here?

Pasquinade Films has been around for over a decade. In that time we have worked with some truly amazing people to tell some mostly amazing stories. The untold stories are the crazy happenings behind the scenes. We wanted to take some time to share what we remember. Here are some of our favorite memories of the company’s history.


What Might Have Been

In the Pasquinade Films boneyard there are many, many… many, many projects. Sadly, “Sex and the Pasquinade” is among them. Remember when “Sex and the City” was all the rage and women would say things like, “Oh, stop it. You’re such a Samantha!” Well, it was a thing. Look it up. As it turned out, the Pasquinade Films team happened to comprise …

Great Snake: 80s Metal + Snake Puns

By Mark Burlet Great Snake may be the most personally satisfying project I worked on with Pasquinade Films. It really took all my favorite things… writing, singing, comedy, 80’s metal… and wrapped them into one hilarious package. The band was invented while I was writing “Slow Me Down” as a fictional washed-up 80’s super-group, encountered by the main characters in …


The Pasquinade Films Travel Show That Wasn’t

By Dallas Shelby Have you ever wondered why you haven’t seen a travel show produced by Pasquinade Films? Well, it wasn’t for a lack of trying… or maybe it was. Back in 2006 we shot some footage for a Travel Channel pilot. The footage has since been “lost” but below are the highlights from our day of exploration in Washington, DC. …