Great Snake: 80s Metal + Snake Puns

By Mark Burlet

Great Snake may be the most personally satisfying project I worked on with Pasquinade Films. It really took all my favorite things… writing, singing, comedy, 80’s metal… and wrapped them into one hilarious package. The band was invented while I was writing “Slow Me Down” as a fictional washed-up 80’s super-group, encountered by the main characters in some backwater dive bar, attempting to keep the dream alive in some sad fashion. The idea was always (at least in my head) that Brock and I would actually be Great Snake. Brock’s amazing talent at lampooning the music that he loves would, I knew, translate perfectly into this metal band’s very 80’s schtick. The music had to be good enough to be believable as a hit, but cliche’ enough to be a sort of subtle jab at the genre. Of course, Brock nailed it. Then I layered these ridiculous lyrics, mainly consisting of sexual innuendo involving snakes, on top, completing the charade. I originally planned to write five or six songs, maybe even a complete album, but the scene turned out to only need three. And honestly, after the first two, I’d nearly run out of different ways to make a snake pun as a reference to my penis. In the end, I was very proud of these songs, and have always held out hope that we would resurrect Great Snake at some point in the future…

How about it, B-rock? You ready to strike again?


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  1. I know at least one biker bar in the middle of nowhere, Maryland, that was treated to the greatest Great Snake show of ALL TIME.

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