Brock Fanning

“The secret to composing a great film score is to enable the listener to predict the path of the music, but only a split-second before they actually hear it. It’s the same with comedy.”

Musician, writer, and teacher, Brock Fanning, is arguably perfect. His illustrious talents became clear at an early age, when, in a Louisiana elementary school, he learned to write. Towering above his peers both physically and mentally, he quickly moved on to cursive, and his future as a modern-day renaissance man was clear. Finger-paints were soon replaced with crayons, and the budding genius began the path that would lead inevitably to enlightenment at age 12.

Recognizing the superiority of the guitar, in relation to all other instruments, Brock practiced his music with great enthusiasm. Living in New Orleans, Louisiana, and already six feet tall, the teen-age virtuoso eagerly delved into his three favorite styles: classical, jazz, and metal. He continued to hone his skills as a writer and artist, having already been published in literary and popular magazines. His formal schooling, starting with a degree in philosophy, and followed by two graduate degrees in music, although understandably too easy, was still delightful and droll. He was six feet and four inches.

And so, having reached such impressive heights so early in life, Brock naturally traveled to Maryland, where he now graciously contributes his musical and intellectual talents to Pasquinade Films projects, plus he sometimes holds the boom mic, and can reach things on high shelves without the help of a ladder. He is quite handsome.