About us

Pasquinade Films is one of the few truly “independent” film producers in North America. Born from a small grass-roots publishing company with a strong contributor-base and loyal audience, we are passionate about storytelling. It is this passion that drives our commitment to bringing moviegoers original stories from innovative filmmakers.

Our humble beginnings also serve as a constant reminder of the importance of community. Our goal is to create not only powerful and engaging films, but to create a powerful and engaging community of independent filmmakers. By offering aspiring moviemakers resources and mentoring, we can expand the diversity and originality of our projects and invest in the future of independent film.

Pasquinade Films is ruled by a rather idealistic philosophy, which is tempered by tightly controlled budgets. Led by a young-ish but experienced team and supported by the capital needed to make movies happen, Pasquinade Films is poised to create the next generation of intelligent independent films.