Mark Burlet

“Working with Pasquinade Films has convinced me that anything you can envision can be achieved on film. All you need is belief… in yourself and your team.”

Mark hails from the world of New Orleans, where entertainment is the one and only marketable commodity. Since moving to Baltimore, he has sought to bring this love of a good time with him, and has always attempted to share that enthusiasm with those he encounters. And despite his background working in computer technology, he has not let his humor and creativity go to waste.

Mark has been involved in entertainment for quite some time, starting with playing lead air guitar in a Madonna lip-sync band in the early 80’s. From there he went on to high school musicals, cheesy cover bands in college, and occasional writing for a low-rent satirical magazine. Now, with Pasquinade Films, he has ventured forth into a new genre… one that allows his multitude of talents to shine. Whether behind, in front of, or just hovering around the camera, Mark seeks to leave a lasting impression on the production that will improve the viewer’s enjoyment and appeal to his own sense of aesthetics. Working with the rest of the Pasquinade Films team, he is comfortable in a variety of roles… whether as writer, director, producer, actor, or even boom-mic operator. In this, he reflects the company’s passion for filmmaking… to do whatever it takes to get the mission accomplished.