Aaron Cullers

“There’s no point in waiting for someone to tell you that you may make a movie… No one can push your film dream forward if you can’t do it yourself.”

Aaron hails from Ohio, which in private conversations he refers to as “God’s Country,” despite little evidence that any god from any religion ever resided there, unless you count Katie Holmes. And he considers his old film school home of Vancouver the best representation of “Heaven on Earth.” With all of these Biblical references to places he’s lived, it’s no wonder Aaron now finds himself firmly nestled into the ringed beltway of Baltimore, Maryland and the Pasquinade Films crew.

Having filmed his first movie at the age of 12, “The Dog That Ate the World,” Aaron has set about compiling an impressive and fully-developed portfolio of work. His written work has been awarded multiple times (including a Best New Playwright honor), and he brings to the Pasquinade Films crew an intense and passionate love of film production.

Aaron recently directed his first feature-length film, “For the Want of a Queen,” and looks to continue developing high-concept, entertaining projects with Pasquinade Films.